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Leslie Black lands role in New Film set to release July 2021


Crystal-Lee Naomi, Jennifer Freeman, Ali Amin Carter, Kareem Lewis, Tyler Kay Whitley, Suzanne Salhaney

A chance meeting brings Alicia (Crystal-Lee Naomi), a struggling rideshare driver who dreams of a glamorous life, and Morgan (Jennifer Freeman), a successful entrepreneur, together when Alicia is Morgan’s driver to the airport. During their ride, Alicia learns Morgan is going on a monthlong retreat where technology isn’t allowed. When Morgan accidentally leaves her house keys in the car, Alicia decides to check out Morgan’s house knowing she has no way of contacting Morgan about the missing keys. Once Alicia is inside the house, she realizes Morgan is living the life she dreams of and decides to stay for the night—and then the week. But when Morgan’s landscaper and housekeeper arrive and question who Alicia is, she lies and says she was hired by Morgan to house sit while she’s away. Morgan’s staff believes Alicia, which allows her to assume Morgan’s life completely, wearing her clothes and maxing out her credit cards. But when the real Morgan returns and Alicia is caught, Alicia refuses to give up her newfound life and will do whatever it takes—even kill—to continue living the good life.


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