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Leslie Black :: Actress Turning Pain Into Power

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Tammy Elizabeth

Actress Leslie Black is fresh off an appearance in Sony Pictures’ “Party Boat,” and gearing up for a role in Fox’s hit series “Star.” However, getting to this point has been anything but easy.

On Black’s 10th birthday, her mother passed away. Her father followed a few years later when she was just fourteen years old. If this were not traumatic enough, Black was abused by the very grandmother who was trusted to care for her after her parent’s deaths.

Throughout all of this devastation, Black was able to overcome her troubles and channel her hurt into hope through acting. In an effort to continue forward, she entered South Carolina State University as a Business Management major.

Things took a turn during her sophomore year, when she was in a terrible car accident. Black’s face was severely burned and doctors were unsure if she would ever look the same. In what seems to be a metaphor of her life, Black completely healed and one has to struggle to see the effects of the accident.

If there is one message Black would like to convey about her life, it would be to never let obstacles interfere with your dreams. She says, “I’ve used my pain to excel and I want people to know that no matter what is in your way, you don’t have to stop.”

Leslie Black’s episode of “Star” will air October 4, 2017. For more information, please contact Tammy Elizabeth at

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